If I Were A Werewolf

If I were a werewolf
I’d never clean my room
I’d spend my nights chasing my tail
And howling at the moon

I’d be the best a football
PE would be a cinch
And when the bullies jumped at me
I wouldn’t even flinch

I wouldn’t have a curfew
For night would be the time
I’d be superhero
Putting end to all the crime

No villain would be safe from me
No thief would have the nerve
I’d make sure every criminal
Got just what they deserved

I’d ban all of the bullets
Silver ones, to be exact
And all the kids around
Would take the time to scratch my back
I’d love to catch a Frisbee
I’d love to bury bones
The big dog house in my backyard
Is where I’d make my home

Yes, if I were a werewolf
I’d do just as I pleased
I just don’t know how I would get
Relief from all the fleas!


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